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FAQs - Questions about the SMVO

The following persons are available for questions related to the SMVO or the project management:

Nicolas Florin
Telefon +41 79 357 9386           
Erwin Zetz
Telefon +41 76 322 5681

Please use the contact form for you inquiry.

The operation of the entire verification system is ensured by the European Medicines Verification Organization (EMVO) and National Organizations (NMVOs). The financing of the system is largely supported by the pharmaceutical industry. The European and national organizations operate according to "Not for Profit" (NPO) principles.

The following organizations and systems must be financed to run the whole system:

  • The EMVO (European Medicines Verification Organization) is financed by the European stakeholder associations.
  • The EMVS (European Medicines Verification System) is funded with contributions from OBP (Onboarding Partners). In the operational business, contributions from national verification organizations are added.
  • The SMVO (Swiss Medicines Verification Organization) is to be founded at the beginning of January 2018. In a first step, funding is provided through national stakeholder associations. In addition, contributions will be made by SMVS (Swiss Medicines Verification System).
  • The national SMVS (Swiss Medicines Verification System) is financed by the MAHs.

The company-specific costs for the installation of the safety devices and the establishment of the check-in and the check-out are the responsibility of the individual company.

The amount of contributions to the SMVO and SMVS will be announced in due course.

All SMVO stakeholder associations can actively contribute to shape the processes during the pilot implementation phase. The processes will be designed in cooperation with the stakeholders and work will be planned and executed from the implementation team. It is planned to establish appropriate workgroups where pharmacists, doctors, hospitals or wholesalers can participate and contribute. 

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