Fee Model

    The fee model for financing the NMVS (National Verification System for Switzerland and Liechtenstein) consists of two components:

    • One-time fee for financing the development of SMVS GmbH and the national verification system.
    • Annual fee to finance the running costs of SMVS GmbH and the national verification system.

    The fees are calculated per pharmaceutical company on the basis of the turnover for RX products and the number of RX packs sold in Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

    A pharmaceutical company is defined as follows:

    • A pharmaceutical company is registered as an active company in a Swiss or Liechtenstein commercial register.
    • A pharmaceutical company has one or more Swissmedic marketing authorisations (MAHs) for prescription drugs (Rx products).

    Accordingly, the following companies do not fall under the above mentioned definition:

    • A pharmaceutical group that controls several pharmaceutical companies. The organizational form and the degree of integration do not play a role here. In these cases, each pharmaceutical company registers individually with SMVS.

    One time fee

    The calculation basis for the one-time fee is the last annual turnover of the company for RX products (ex-factory):

    Turnover Registration Fee
    Rx/Mio. CHF in CHF 
    0 bis 30 10’000.-
    30 bis 200 20’000.-
    Ab 200 30’000.-

    Yearly Fee

    The annual fee is made up of a fixed amount of CHF 1'500,- which is the same for all companies, plus a share of turnover and volume. The volume share is degressive. This means that the first 50'000 packages cost CHF 0.009 per package, the next 949'999 packages cost CHF 0.007 per package, and so on.

    Share of fees related to turnover Volume-related fee share  
    Rx turnover ex-factory in CHF
    Yearly fee in CHF
    Sold RX Packs
    0 - 100'000
    0,- 0 - 50'000 0.009
    100'001 - 3'000'000 2'000.- 50’001 – 1’000’000 0.007
    3'000'001 - 10'000'000 5'000.- 1’000’001 – 2’000’000 0.005
    10'000'001 - 30'000'000
    from 2’000’001
    30'000'001 - 50'000'000
    50'000'001 - 70'000'000
    70'000'001 - 100'000'000
    100'000'001 - 150'000'000
    150'000'001 - 200'000'000
    200'000'001 - 300'000'000
    from 300'000'001


    The stated amounts apply according to the above definition per legal entity plus the applicable statutory value added tax.

    Update legal situation

    On 26.9.2023, the Federal Parliament passed the motion of Council of States member Erich Ettlin 22.3859 "Master plan for digital transformation in healthcare. Use of legal standards and existing data".


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