About SMVO

    The Swiss Medicines Verification Organisation (SMVO) is committed to protect patients against counterfeit medicines. The affected associations of the Swiss health care system founded the SMVO on 4 April 2018.

    Purpose of the association:
    The SMVO is the 100% shareholder of the SMVS Operating Company (SMVS Schweizerische Gesellschaft für die Verifizierung von Arzneinmittlen GmbH) which runs the database system.

    The following main tasks have been defined in the Articles of Association:

    • Ensuring patient safety and health care system improvements by cooperation and participation of all affected stakeholders.
    • Ensuring that the statutory provisions of the HMG, the implementation guidelines of the Delegated Regulation (EU) 2016/161 and the specifications provided by EMVO, are applied.
    • Single point of contact for the authorities and contract partners of the EMVO.
    • Responsibility for the SMVS strategy (design, controlling and risk management).
    • Appoint the SMVS management.
    • Definition of the SMVS operating cost allocation rules to invoice the affected MAHs.


    The following associations are members of SMVO:

    • ASSGP, Swiss Association for Self-Medication
    • FMH, connection of Swiss Medical Doctors
    • GRIP, Groupement Romand de l'industrie pharmaceutique
    • GSASA, Swiss Association of Office and Hospital Pharmacists
    • H +, The Swiss hospitals
    • Intergenerika, Association of Generics Companies of Switzerland
    • interpharma, the association of research-based pharmaceutical companies in Switzerland
    • pharmalog, Swiss Pharma Logistics Association
    • pharmasuisse, Swiss Pharmacy Association
    • scienceindustries, Association of the Chemical, Pharmaceutical and Biotech Industries
    • SVKH, The Swiss Association for Complementary Medicinal Products
    • vips, association of pharmaceutical companies in Switzerland

    Update legal situation

    On 26.9.2023, the Federal Parliament passed the motion of Council of States member Erich Ettlin 22.3859 "Master plan for digital transformation in healthcare. Use of legal standards and existing data".


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