• Increased safety for patients
    Increased safety for patients

    New EU-wide safety features for medicines also increase patient safety in Switzerland.

  • Efficient detection of counterfeits
    Efficient detection of counterfeits

    Using unique serial numbers and bar code scanners, drug packs are identified and counterfeits are safely detected.

  • Investment for more security
    Investment for more security

    For all stakeholders in the health care sector: drug manufacturers, pharmaceutical wholesalers, hospitals, pharmacies, doctors and patients.

  • Optimal protection of the supply chain
    Optimal protection of the supply chain

    New security features: Serialized packs and additional manipulation protection for legally produced medicines increase the supply chain security.


+++ The Federal Council informs: Counterfeit drugs will be increasingly combated as of 1 January 2019. +++

Making prescription-only medicines safer against counterfeiting is the aim of the implementation of the Delegated Regulation (EU) 2016/161. This will be accompanied by new EU-wide security features for pharmaceutical packaging and a comprehensive data storage system for all EU and EEA member states.

A national data storage system must be in place in all EU countries by 9 February 2019. From then on, counterfeiters will no longer be able to smuggle their - sometimes life-threatening - imitations of medicines into the legal supply chain.

In order to guarantee an equivalent level of protection against counterfeit medicines in Switzerland, Art. 17a of the Swiss Medicines Act (HMG) stipulates that this should be integrated into the Swiss Therapeutic Products Act. The entry into force of this article is planned together with a corresponding ordinance. Both are expected to enter into force at the end of 2019 after the ordinance has been consulted. Contrary to EU law, the attaching of safety features and their examination in accordance with Art. 17a HMG is still voluntary.

The "SMVO Swiss Association for the Verification of Medicinal Products" (SMVO) was founded on 4 April 2018 with the aim of establishing a national data repository for Switzerland and Liechtenstein. The association is also committed to ensuring that the future ordinance provides for a binding implementation of Art. 17a HMG.

The involved organizations, such as pharmacies, hospital pharmacies, doctors, pre-grosslists, wholesalers, blistering service providers and software providers, play an important role in this. A summary of the relevant roles and responsibilities can be found here.



Das europäsiche Verifizierungsnetzwerk

The European Verification Network


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